Ennio Montariello | Portrait painter

Ennio Montariello

Ennio Montariello born May 1960 in Naples (Italy). In 1978 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.His works are the pleasant result of a mixture between hyperrealism and surrealism aimed mainly at the subject of the nude and the female portrait. In the early years of 2004, Montariello devoted himself to portraiture, honing and demonstrating his realistic representation skills in oil painting, focusing his attention on the details of clothing and on the face, which will be one of his favorite subjects in the years to come , as he had already shown at the beginning of his work. The human face characterizes the painting of this period, in which the artist dwells on the details of the face and what surrounds it, often approaching it, with refined romanticism, single flower or in composition.In recent works, the artist continually re-elaborates previous experiences with positive pictorial and expressive results, fusing interest in the spiritual aspect with the study of the human figure. In the latest works there is a fusion of spirituality and matter, of being and appearing, of existing and dying, of staying and going, of the opposites of life: his faces are intertwined with the increasingly tenuous and “volatile” backgrounds of first period, more and more nuanced and immaterial as much as feminine, giving rise to a new painting, of new meaning, fusion of the opposing, but simultaneously present, aspects of existence, in the flow of everything.