Aydemir Saidov | Figurative painter

Aydemir Saidov

Aydemir Saidov was born march 29, 1979. He is a member of the Artists Union of Russia. His father Seyfulla Saidov was an award winning artist, member of the prestigious Union of Russian Artists, and leader of the local art community.  His father ignited an interest in art in his son and encouraged creative activities. Aydemir embraced being the son of a famous artist.

At age three painted a goat that is in the family archives as one of the most important pieces. It is housed with his father’s medals and accommodations.

At age eleven, he was accepted into a special school for gifted children in art. He became the star of the school and won all competitions and juried shows. At 15, Saidov was accepted into the Krasnodar Art Junior College and continued to win juried shows.  In 2000, Aydemir graduated with honors from the Junior College and was accepted into the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Art.  In 2005, he won a countrywide competition of drawings and received First Prize.  In 2006, Aydemir graduated with honors.