Pascale Taurua | Artist

Pascale Taurua is a painter born in 1961, in the French Polynesia. Pascale’s father was a carpenter, so she had access from an early age to different materials, which influenced her to start making her first creations. But it was her grandmother and her passion for fabrics, which taught Pascale everything about colors. ”I attribute my work with my figure painting to make art that is both personal and universal. I paints a world I know well : fashion. Portraits or silhouettes, a feminine universe par excellence, the simulation of the products.

My work is not a question of delivering a” beautiful body “subjected to canonical rules of plastic success, but a fashion world witch is a way of expressing oneself with one’s body, Yes, clothes are also a way of expressing a sensitivity, a vision of the world, as well as painting, sculpture, dance – and so on. Clothing is also a culture, a way of belonging to a group. Clothes are a very powerful means of integration. Being a woman of the 21st century.

It is more than following fashion, it is reappropriating it, choosing what pleases and making it a trick to oneself. I especially like to feel good in what I wear, there are clothes that I like to wear because with me I feel more “woman”, more attractive, because I have confidence in me when I wear it and nothing else. ”