Remy Daza Rojas | Artist

Remy Daza Rojas

Remy Daza Rojas is a Bolivian painter, born in Cochabamba in 1955. He informally attended the local Academy of Fine Arts and practiced painting from a young age, along with Gíldaro Antezana, Ricardo Pérez Alcalá, and Vladimir Rojas. He studied at the Ernesto de la Carcova School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1978 to 1981.

His paintings are made with a skillful technical handling, in realism in which the human figure dominates and the nude usually becomes the protagonist. The color and, above all, the light are worked very skillfully creating expressive forms, full of harmonious sensuality and that tend to touch certain symbolism or incorporate surreal elements. He has also done still lifes, interiors and landscapes, as well as initial paintings on a social theme.