Roberto Ferri | Painter

Roberto Ferri

Roberto Ferri was born in Taranto, Italy in 1978. In 1996 he graduated from the “Lisippo” art high school in Taranto. He began studying painting on his own and, after moving in Rome in 1999, he embarked upon an in-depth analysis of antique painting, from the early sixteenth to the late nineteenth century.

In particular, he began dedicating himself to the art of Caravaggio and the academic painters (Jaques-Louis David, Jean Auguste, Dominique Ingres, Anne-Louis Girodet, Jean -Louis Theodoe Gericault, Charles Gleyre, William-Adolfe Bouguereau etc.). In 2006 he earned his degree, with the highest grade, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in the Stage Design course.