Maryam Mughal painting

Maryam Mughal

Maryam Mughal is an artist from Islamabad, Pakistan. “ Since a child, the air in front of me was the canvas and I was brushing it with colors of my thoughts. One day I did it on paper and the world around me said, wow, since than I was titled as a natural artist and my hands itch to create more art to beautify life around me. ” Maryam Mughal

Victoria Novak painting

Victoria Novak

Realist painter Victoria Novak began her artistic career as an interior designer in her native Russia, where she graduated from the Academy of Arts. After a few years as a successful designer, she moved to Europe where she earned a Master Degree in Interior and Living Design from Domus Academy in Milan. After that, she started working in the studio Fuksas in Rome.

Richard Young painting

Richard Young

Richard Young is an artist based in the United Kingdom whose paintings have been exhibited in England and Taiwan. The dancers, musicians, and wildlife featured in his works all share one common theme, passion. Young’s artistic practice focuses all of his efforts on capturing the passion of his subjects. He follows a traditional approach when layering oils, employing a knife to apply raw colors on canvas.

Caro Guarinos painting

Caro Guarinos

Caro Guarinos is an artist from Alicante (Spain), born on the 6th of November 1963. Although her beginnings are self-taught, her enormous curiosity for drawing and painting has led her to various painters’ workshops and prestigious institutions for her training.

Dmitriy Krestniy painting

Dmitriy Krestniy

Dmitriy Krestniy is an artist from Ukraine. He is an bold artist with a talent to create provocative and sensual photorealism images. Painstakingly focussing his attention to detail using pastels, oils and charcoal. His sensual style with the feminine form is often at the centre of his canvas.

Costantino Di Renzo painting

Costantino Di Renzo

Costantino Di Renzo, born in Chieti (Italy) in 1946. In 1974, he joined the hyperrealist movement, exhibiting his works at the Margutta Gallery in Pescara (1976) and the Il Modulo Gallery in Salerno (1977). In 1978 he went to the United States to study the technique of hyperrealism and frequented the studios of the artists Richard Estes, Don Eddy and Chuk Close.

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