Sergio Martínez | Hyperrealist painter

Sergio Martínez

Sergio Martínez Cifuentes, hyperrealist painter, was born in 1966 in Santiago de Chile. In 1987 he married Lizeth, with whom he made the first portraits and nudes, meeting the human figure, as a new challenge. This communicates closely with the “nude” that since the 90s will be the subject that covers almost all of his canvases. Between 1992 and 2003 he directed his private painting workshop, in the city of Concepción – Chile, where he taught classes to a large number of people with whom he carried out important exhibitions in the city. Since 2002 he has participated in international art fairs, among which the Caracas, Buenos Aires, Madrid, California, New York, San Francisco and Shanghai stand out. He currently lives in Spain, his hyper-realistic painting revolves around the theme of women, although he also paints landscape themes with a great artistic atmosphere. Women have been, are and will always be a recurring and important theme in universal painting, today in the 21st century, women have been the essential theme of this great Chilean painter.