Amahi MORI Drawing

Amahi Mori ( 森 天飛 )

Amahi MORI ( 森 天飛 ) is a Japanese artist. “ I want the human figure in my artwork to seem real. While drawing, I am aware of my own physical sensations. That energy is then transferred into the form that manifests on my canvas. Recognizing that, I am reminded of my own existence – which is important – but it’s not the only thing that matters ”. – Amahi Mori

Jonas Kunickas Painting

Jonas Kunickas

Jonas Kunickas was born in 1978 in Lithuania. He studied architecture and received his Master’s degree in Architecture in 2002. Jonas Kunickas worked as an architect and interior designer in Lithuania and the UK for ten years. However, his greatest passion has always been painting.

Katerina Teresidi Painting

Katerina Teresidi

Katerina Teresidi (born 1989), grown up in Russia, Greece, Switzerland and Austria, graduated from Art University Linz, Austria. The paintings of Katharina Teresidi have been presented in austri­an and international exhibitions, the works remain in private and public collections.

Sebastian Wandl Painting

Sebastian Wandl

As soon as you speak with painter Sebastian Wandl, one of the top photorealistic artists of Germany it is instantly obvious that he is an optimistic free spirit. When he starts to talk about his artistic evolution it becomes evident that his artistic path is shaped by a good portion of luck and a whole lot of hard work.

Heidi Taillefer Painting

Heidi Taillefer

Heidi Taillefer was born in 1970, and lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. She attended weekly art classes as a child at the La Palette art school in Beaconsfield, Quebec, focusing on watercolour and various types of mediums.

Nikolas Tower painting

Nikolas Tower

Nikolaos Kafasis, also known as Nikolas Tower, is an emerging artist and Illustrator, born in Greece in 1998. Coming from a house of artists, his love for arts, especially drawing and painting, sprouted from a very young age.

Yousuke Kawashima 川嶋 陽介 Painting

Yousuke Kawashima ( 川嶋 陽介 )

Yousuke Kawashima 川嶋 陽介 was born in Japan in 1978. While he was still attending High School, he realized his first exhibition. Kawashima himself describes the main theme of his art as the depiction of an “Unusual Everyday Life”. In 2004 he completed his studies at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, followed by many shows throughout Japan.

Jonathan Solter psychedelic painting

Jonathan Solter

Jonathan Solter is an American artist specializing in unique psychedelic forms such as higher dimensional travel, ancient civilizations and animism. At an early age Jonathan created mazes and labyrinths, envisioning new worlds from his imagination and nature. After high school, Jonathan explored psychedelic art.

Luo Li Rong sculpture

Luo Li Rong ( 罗丽蓉 )

Luo Li Rong (Chinese: 罗丽蓉; pinyin: Luó Lì Róng) is a Chinese artist and sculptor who creates realistic sculptures, primarily in bronze. At the age of 18 (1998) Luo Li Rong attends the Changsha Academy of Arts (Hunan-China). At the age of 20, she joined for 5 years the CAFA (Beijing) in the department of Sui Jiang Guo, studying ceramics with Lu Pin Chang and sculpture with Sun Jia Bo. During this period, she participated in multiple public sculpting projects, most notably for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, installed in Da Lian Park from 2003.

Allison Reimold Painting

Allison Reimold

Allison Reimold is a Los Angeles native and nature enthusiast who currently works in the entertainment industry illustrating posters for film and TV. She is a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design, and resides in Los Angeles with her muse, a French Bulldog named Penny.