Johnny Morant Art

Johnny Morant

Johnny Morant (b.1982) is a visual artist exploring themes of sustainability and social awareness. Morant attended art school in Bristol and Bournemouth and has lived in London and Amsterdam.
” Working in oil on canvas I aim to readdress familiar subject matter by applying a process that demands fresh interpretation. I set constraints that give me the freedom to create information that my source material lacks. In doing so I aim to give a fresh cause for consideration through permanence, scale and decision making. I attended art school in Bristol and Bournemouth before moving to London and more recently Amsterdam. Asked to sum up my last exhibition I explained that –by playing on the border between clarity and suggestion my work prioritises the intuitive application of paint and aims to capture the viscosity of light and insecurity of form.– This still rings true while my main motivation to create now relies on reinvigorating restrained subject matter through interpretation and expression.”