Ramiro Ramirez Cardona | Surrealist Painter

Ramiro Ramírez Cardona

Ramiro Ramirez Cardona is a Colombian painter who was born in 1954 in the village of Chinchina in Caldas. It was almost cosmically decided that he would become an artist as he grew up in a family full of self-taught painters and sculptors. Ramiro Ramirez Cardona is not just any painter, it is above all a man who puts his soul and his life into his work, pieces of his energy are indivisible in the pores of his artworks, his breathing results in the details that he works out in careful scenarios which are both autobiographical and based on pure observation of his surroundings and especially his poetic fantasy.

If Ramiro Ramirez Cardona had not become a painter, the world might have had a great master of poetry. His paintings never let go of the viewers, it is as if he invented immortality on a canvas, intriguing and beautiful, a collection of stories that claim their right to exist in the imagination of the maker and those who enjoy it.

In a magisterial way he shows man for what he is an organism driven by an untameable libido and a communicator full of dreams, ambitions, great doubts and complete loneliness. In his work one sees the eternal conflict in man, between good and evil, beautiful and ugly, loved or doomed to a desolate life.