Belarmino Miranda | Realist painter

Belarmino Miranda

Belarmino Miranda was born in 1966, Medellín(Colombia). He is an artist with extensive national and international experience, has exhibited in countries like USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica and China. ”I just want to capture the greatness of her body and soul, woman is the emblem of perfection, beginning and end….a fountain of life that gives meaning to my existence.” He studied fine arts at the University of Antioquia, participating in its beginnings in various workshops human figure. Obtained from the Artistic and Cultural center Socrates of Medelin the degree of Master of Arts at the Museum of the University of Antioquia. He is director of Just Love and Art, entity through which the formation of integral artstas is driven, with full awareness of the value of artistic to do, in their professional development and their responsibility to society as shapers of higher values leading to full development; social, artistic, economic and intellectual, in harmony with the environment.