Michael & Inessa Garmash | Artist

Michael & Inessa Garmash

Husband and wife team Michael and Inessa Garmash are considered two of the finest Romantic Impressionists of our day.

Michael Garmash was born in Lugansk, Ukraine, 1969. He began painting at the age of three; by the age of six he started his formal education at the Lugansk Youth Creative Center. His works were sent by his teachers to a variety of Exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. In 1987, he graduated valedictorian from the Lugansk State Fine Art College and started teaching there the following year. In 1996 he graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Art at the head of his class.

Inessa Kitalchik was born in 1972 in Lipetsk, Russia. Since early childhood she has excelled in ballet, gymnastics and music. Inessa attended classes in all three disciplines and after graduating from music and ballet school, entered the Lugansk Fine Art School at age fifteen. At seventeen she was accepted as that year’s best undergraduate to the Lugansk State Fine Art School.