Clement Mmaduako Nwafor

Clement Mmaduako

Clement Mmaduako Nwafor is an award winning contemporary Nigerian Artist and the Creative art director Clemspeter Art Creations Limited who live and work in Abuja. He had long started his art sub consciously as a child when he would spend hours drawing with crayons and coloured pencils. As time went by he took up apprenticeship under Master Philip Nzekwe who has guided and trained his eyes in sculpture, while he has gone ahead to execute numerous commissions in sculpture and thereafter, he also went ahead to learn and develop his skills on painting under a renowned Nigerian Artist Oswald Uruakpa 2011.

Over the years after he has trained his skills in both sculpture and painting, he has taken up a career as a fulltime studio Artist. Presently, Clement has shown his mastery in painting as he has been able to connect plenty dots and trajectory and his works have proven that His paintings are usually done with oil on canvas and collage often using pieces of fabrics resulting in stunning mixed media artworks.