Michael Rock | Painter

Michael Rock

” I Believe in the importance and the value of Art. It’s powerful because the Art in which we surround ourselves enrich our lives and affect the way we feel. It becomes a reflection of something within us and make unique and emotional connections that validate who we are. My purpose is to create visually stimulating artworks that positively uplifts the senses, while communicating feelings that run through it on a deeper level. My personal painting style has a lively palette of tonality, consisting of many complex broken layers of color and unique stylish textures. Bold palette knife work and expressive brush strokes are combined with the impact of atmospheric light. My inspirations come from observing, outstanding natural beauty in California and Europe, along with mythology, legends and ancient lore. Sensuality is at the core of my creative artworks that positively uplifts our senses, connects us with nature with bold palette knife, expressive brush work & atmospheric light. ” – Michael Rock