Aja Trier | Artist

Aja Trier

Aja Trier is a contemporary artist from the USA who evokes memories of Vincent Van Gogh in her own style. ” Although I’ve been painting since my age was measured in months (my mom, a toll painter, would give me scraps of wood from her projects, a cup of water, and a brush for me to “paint” with….) I really became serious with it in ’99 during my last years of high school. Resigned to my profession I was accepted to Montserrat College of Art on scholarship and concentrated on painting.

The first painting I ever sold was called “Inside”, a 30x40x1.5 inch oil on canvas I painted in November of my Sophomore year at college, 2002. It was an impasto, brightly colored image of the spine and kidneys. I used literally 12 tubes of oil paint on the piece and had to hang it wet for one of the campus art shows, with a note asking people not to touch it (since everyone wanted to!) I listed the painting on Ebay and sold it for 75.00. I am positive I spent more on the paint and canvas than I made selling the piece.

Sagittarius Gallery, my business, was started in April of 2003 and since then I have been blessed to have over 1000 patrons on 5 continents. I have shown at several galleries including at the World Monument Fund Gallery / Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan, Karin Sanders Fine Art in Sag Harbor, NY, Robert Dowling Studios and Gallery in Bangor, ME, the gallery walk at Memories on Market LLC in Oshkosh, WI, as well as a solo show at the Gallery and Grille in Newburyport, MA.” – Aja Trier