Tessa Mythos visionary painting


Tessa Mythos is a multi-disciplinary visual artist. Born in Victoria and Hornby Island B.C. Canada, 1982, she has lived and shown her work Internationally, in gallery's and in forests and on city walls she has exhibited in a range of manners and mediums. She has resided on and off Hornby Island for years where she's worked in a range of mediums and methods. She is currently focused on Oil painting and learning old masters painting techniques. Mythos has worked with found object sculpture and assemblage, moveable sculpture, large abstract painting, murals, street art, silkscreening, block-printing, costume design, acrylic painting, collage, and the continuation of her ongoing graphic novels and illustrations (A Faery Tale, Earthsong, Mythology, Book of Secrets).

Julie Bell Fanatasy painting


Born in 1958 in Beaumont, Texas, Julie has known herself through the identity of “Artist” for as long as she can remember-art comes as naturally to her as does breathing. Though early in her life she moved and lived in 12 different locations, she consistently kept her art at the center of things. She attended 6 different colleges and universities to continue her passion for art, always focusing her studies on the human figure and life drawing.

Walter Tamani Arirama visionary painting


Walter Tamani Arirama, Peruvian visionary artist. Unfortunately, that’s all the information I have about this artist. In this case, I will briefly mention psychedelics and the death of the ego. Ego death is a "complete loss of subjective self-identity".The term is used in various intertwined contexts, with related meanings. In Jungian psychology, the synonymous term psychic death is used, which refers to a fundamental transformation of the psyche. In death and rebirth mythology, ego death is a phase of self-surrender and transition, as described by Joseph Campbell in his research on the mythology of the Hero's Journey.

Stefan Hadzi Nikolov surrealism painting


Stefan Hadzi- Nikolov was born in 1955 in Skopje (North Macedonia). He finishes the Pedagogical Academy, with a focus on fine arts education in 1975. He has organized 75 solo exhibitions and was featured in over 200 group exhibitions. Hadzi-Nikolov takes part in various art colonies and art fairs. He is the recipient of 16 awards including the State award “October 23” for long term accomplishments in the field of arts, as well as the award “13 November “ of the City of Skopje for high artistic accomplishments.

Michael Rock Painting


'' I Believe in the importance and the value of Art. It's powerful because the Art in which we surround ourselves enrich our lives and affect the way we feel. It becomes a reflection of something within us and make unique and emotional connections that validate who we are. My purpose is to create visually stimulating artworks that positively uplifts the senses, while communicating feelings that run through it on a deeper level. '' - Michael Rock

Valeri Tsvetkov Sensual Hyperrealistic painting


Valeri Tsvetkov is a professional artist from Bulgaria. In 1990 he completed the education at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia and since then he is concerned with painting. He always liked to make his paintings hyperrealistic. Concretness in the shapes, pedantism in the details are typical for his paintings.

Joseph Skala Mystical painting


Joseph Skala has created his own unique style combining finely detailed representations of figures and objects with cosmic flowing energetic patterns of light. His dream-like art carries with it esoteric symbolism and mythical icons of divine spiritual beings. The depth in his use of color creates a sense of Old World Classical art. The architecture, the mystical creatures, and the human forms he creates on stretched canvas live in harmony with the misty swirling landscapes. Joseph blends the metaphysical and physical realms into one; Drawing inspiration from the structures of sacred temples and the vibratory ripples of energy that flow through all life forms.

Erika Pearce Graffiti


Erika Pearce is a multi-disciplined artist and designer born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Her passion for women, culture and nature inspires her vibrant artwork. Erika is a dedicated ocean conservationist. She is deeply motivated to inspire communities to care for and protect their coastlines and surrounding waters. The creation of her large scale ocean murals has a really positive impact by opening up conversations with people of all ages. Growing up in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, Erika developed a deep respect for the cultures around her from a young age.

Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak Painting


Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak is a Polish contemporary artist who lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She studied Polish Philology at the Warsaw University, Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium), and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (Warsaw, Poland) where she obtained an MFA in Painting. Ewa’s oil paintings are a combination of still life, nature, and fantasy. She creates rainbow-colored visions of animals that are made of materials as if woven out of thread and decorative fabrics. Building on contrast, they are full of life, energy, and fantasy, always idealized in their complicated nature and continuous transformation.

Linda Adair Painting


Linda is a representational painter whose work explores beauty, sensuality, and intimacy. Through her detailed work and suggested narratives she aims to communicate awareness, emotions, experiences, memories, the beauty and wonder of the human soul, and a searching for comfort and familiarity in the unknown. Each person portrayed in her work, is telling a story about the life of the person, the emotion of that moment in time, their world surrounding them, and a warm sense of the human condition and its uniqueness.