Anna Razumovskaya | Romantic painter

Anna Razumovskaya

Anna is best known for her classic, romantic figures that carry a sense of elegance and grace. Anna’s work is both classical and modern, her romantic figurative works carry with them both tradition and originality. Her work captures the elegance and grace of the female form with both an air of simplicity and sophistication. While Anna’s enchanting figures have an aura reminiscent of the Renaissance, and you can place them alongside old masters like Reubens and Rembrandt and draw similarities, the dynamic technique with which she paints, and the expressive freedom and sensuality of her work, creates something refreshingly modern, unique and beautiful. Anna draws on her experiences and her joy and passion for life. Anna does not paint her models as such, her models provide the form, but her muse is life itself and the joy of living. Her figures are not so much realistic but impressionistic, their faces created through the experiences and features of many people that come together as an expression of femininity. In this way, her work becomes a beautiful imagination of the female form.