Julie Bell | Fantasy painter

Born in 1958 in Beaumont, Texas, Julie Bell has known herself through the identity of “Artist” for as long as she can remember-art comes as naturally to her as does breathing. Though early in her life she moved and lived in 12 different locations, she consistently kept her art at the center of things.

She attended 6 different colleges and universities to continue her passion for art, always focusing her studies on the human figure and life drawing. Her hyper-realistic style is known for its sexy, powerful images of warriors and amazons and a sensitive, exquisite use of color and texture.

Because of her love for the human body she took up weight training and became a nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder. She no longer competes but maintains her muscle through continued weight training as well as Ashtanga yoga. Julie and Boris were married in 1994 and are busy living happily ever after.