Working primarily with calligraphy inks, graphite and liquids, such as tea, Griffiths’ fascination with drawing focuses on the creation and manipulation of the drawn line. Images explore human, geometric and floral forms, in a combination of both literal and abstract translation and in response to images and situations encountered in daily life.

Painter, sculptor, illustrator and author of comic strips, Valentin Tanase was born on September 6, 1954, in Iasi (Romania). In 1978, he graduated from the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest, since 1981 he has been a member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union, and in 1997 he became director of the Army Fine Arts Studio.

Vijender Sharma is an Indian painter who was born in Delhi in 1962. Fantasies, mythical characters and sacred epics have always been a part of his inspiration. His surrealist artworks depicting a striking and expressive scenario are like a sheer veil between the human reality and spiritual fantasy.