Val Escoubet | Painter

Val Escoubet

After having exploited the theme of landscape for a long time, Val ESCOUBET has distinguished herself for ten years in the art of portraiture, in a figurative style, rather hyper-realistic. The artist seeks to highlight a posture, an emotion, which she captures in the daily life of women, men and children. Most of the time, her characters are painted in shades of black and white to mark the contrast with very colorful backgrounds.

She does not hesitate to use several techniques for the same work; oil painting, which she loves more than anything for the characters, acrylic, ink and collage for the backgrounds. Her artistic affinities are varied and eclectic, but Val ESCOUBET draws most of her inspiration from Street-art and fashion illustration.

“I want my painting to be alive and to have the impression that the subject is going to come out of the canvas” … this is the goal she pursues with each new project. The characters are never frozen in their posture and this thanks to the work of fabrics, textures or even hair. The colors and the contrast between the foreground and the background also contribute to this impression. “I come from photography, with a predilection for the ‘black and white’ photo from which I am mainly inspired”. We find this influence in her work; The figures are painted in “black and white” with variations of sepia, shades of blue, green, ocher, barely perceptible, but essential in the desired harmony.