Nathalie Picoulet | Figurative painter

Nathalie Picoulet

Born in Amiens in 1968, Nathalie Picoulet began a career in portrait paintings in 1993. Nathalie Picoulet studied at The University of Plastic Arts and followed higher education of drawing at L Ecole Superieur of design in Amiens. “My interest in the nude, draped and dimly lit, was born out of my special interest in Italian painting,” says French artist Nathalie Picoulet of her pastel painting interests. “Especially Leonardo da Vinci. More than any course I followed, the examination of the works of the Italian masters showed me the way and left me without a doubt about what I wanted to paint. I’ve been working on the female form for many years now.”

Nathalie Picoulet has participated in a number of exhibitions in Dieppe, Normandy (Aumale, Eu), Amiens, Orleans, Roscoff (Brittany) and Paris where she has lived and worked for the last 5 years. Today, Nathalie Picoulet primarily devotes her work to drawings and research of the female nude and has taken a keen interest in the technique of drawing drapes in pastel.