Ginette Beaulieu Art ⓖ


Ginette Beaulieu is a professional hyperrealist painter from Quebec (Canada). She was always passionate about drawing and in particular, was drawn to the techniques of the Renaissance masters, of which she completed formal training from 1979-1980. Beaulieu is educated in art restoration and in ancient painting techniques. She defines herself as a hyperrealist painter and uses oil, pastel and pencil in her work. Her work is distinguished by the use of mediums that she develops from decanted oils and natural pigments.

Lluís Rizzo Rey Art ⓖ


Lluís Rizzo Rey was born in Barcelona in 1959, 15 minutes after his twin brother Josep. He had the good luck of growing up with his parents, parental grandparents, brother and five sisters, in an environment that was humble but full of fascination for culture. Since he was seven years old, Lluís already exhibited a passion for art, and he was drawing every minute he could, whenever he did not need to study.

Mihai Adrian Raceanu Art ⓖ


Raceanu Mihai Adrian was born in 1976, in a town called Constanta, Romania. With his words: In 1996 I moved with my parents in a smaller town called Navodari,also by the sea.At the age of twenty-four I have married my wife,Claudia and eight years later our daughter ,Erica Dalia was born.The name Dalia was given to her as a tribute to the great artist Salvador Dali. I started painting at the age of 14,going from landscapes to religious icons,then paintings inspired by H.R.Geiger and finally but not last Salvador Dali.I am a self-taught painter and in time I made my own surreal style of painting.

Jia Lu Art ⓖ


Jia Lu is one of America’s best-known figurative painters from China. She was born in Beijing to a family of artists, the daughter of Lu Enyi, famous for his paintings of historical and military subjects. Jia Lu entered the China Central Academy of Art and Design in 1980 as a student of the master ink painter Fan Zeng and moved to Canada in 1983 to continue her studies at the Toronto School of Art and York University.

Cécile Desserle Art ⓖ


Cécile Desserle is first and foremost a pop rock artist: faithful and rebel. Faithful to an ethic based on solid, proven technical roots. Strong foundations which enable this passionate woman to set free a vital drive of colours and sensuality and improvise with rare dexterity and talent. Cécile, born in 1971, produced her first work when just ten years old. In her father’s ceramic workshop she discovered a world revolving around art.

Nathalie Picoulet Art ⓖ


Born in Amiens in 1968, Nathalie Picoulet began a career in portrait paintings in 1993. Nathalie Picoulet studied at The University of Plastic Arts and followed higher education of drawing at L Ecole Superieur of design in Amiens. “My interest in the nude, draped and dimly lit, was born out of my special interest in Italian painting,” says French artist Nathalie Picoulet of her pastel painting interests. “Especially Leonardo da Vinci.

Sung Sam Park Painting


Sung Sam Park was born in 1949 in Seoul, Korea where he began painting at the age of twelve. His talent and teaching abilities were quickly recognized and by the age of thirteen, while still a junior high school student, Park was teaching painting at the local high school. Park traveled to France after graduating from Jung Ang University. There he studied painting and lived with other young artists in Paris. While there, he evolved his vision of impressionism and hyper-realism.

Antonio Sgarbossa Painting -


Antonio Sgarbossa was born in Fontaniva, near Venice, in 1945. At the age of 11 his parents directed him towards an artistic career through apprenticeship in a local ceramic laboratory. There he mastered the use of paintbrushes by decorating ceramics and later on he discovered the oil paint, that led him to participate in several collective exhibitions in Italy. In 1971 he moved to Switzerland where he met with experienced swiss painters who introduced him to the academic portrait tradition. In 1977, back in Fontaniva, he opened a ceramic laboratory and started modelling sculptures.

Sanjay Tandekar Acrylic Painting


Sanjay is a creative person since his childhood. He never dreamt of being an artist. Initially, the painting was just a play of colors on canvas for him but later, he started experimenting and creating figures in his paintings. While completing his BFA, he participated in an art competition in which his painting was appreciated and he was awarded by a renowned artist S.H. Raza. The freedom that art gives him is the reason why he is an artist of today. His creative mind searches for inspiration around him and thus his art is inspired by the reality around him.

Jeong Hae-Kwang, Painting, Gemälde, La pintura, la peinture


Jeong Hae-Kwang was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1963. In 1989 he graduated from the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chung-Ang University (Korea).Exhibitions: -Seoul Art Show2013(Setec) -MANIF 2013(Seoul Art Center,Hangaram Art Museum,Seoul) -KIAF 2013(COEX. Korea) -THE DISABLED PEOPLES` CULTURE & ART FESTIVAL2013 (Gallery Chezart)

Jean Paul Avisse Painting


Jean-Paul AVISSE (1948) is a French fantasy – surrealist artist. Since 1989 he lives and works in South West of France. He is a Self-taught artist. His favorite technique is acrylic. Jean-Paul AVISSE draws his inspiration from his imagination. From 1977, the date of his first Parisian exhibition at the Galerie Claude JORY (France), an early success allowed him to devote himself freely to his artistic career.