Fabian Perez figurative painting thegallerist.art


Born in 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian Perez had a difficult childhood. His father owned bordellos and nightclubs that were illegal. He also was a gambler. To this day, Fabian remembers the police coming to their home looking for his father who would try to escape through the back door. “So many times he went to jail. I remember when I was very young going to police stations and looking for him.” Eventually his father gave up the business, lost everything and lapsed into depression.

Tos Kostermans Painting


Tos Kostermans was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. At the early age of 10 he was already following art classes given by painters from Haarlem. What began as a hobby increasingly became more serious until he became a professional. He began by painting in an impressionist style which later became more realistic. Now, in his near photographically realistic paintings, you can still see the impressionist touch. Tos describes his style as imprealism. The paintings are very colourful and strong in contrast to enhance the light in his paintings. Kostermans specialised himself in portrait painting.

Johnny Palacios Surrealism Painting ⓖ thegallerist.art


Johnny Palacios Hidalgo is a Peruvian painter born in El Callao in 1970, and who has studied art in the city of Lima between 1988 and 1998 at the National Museum of Art and the National School of Fine Arts. Since 1984 he has exhibited regularly, developing a surrealist style of hyperrealism full of powerful repetitive and unique images, highlighting feminine beauty and animal figures more or less fused with the environment or in hybrid fusions."

Brita Seifert  Surrealism Painting ⓖ thegallerist.art


Surrealist artist Brita Seifert was born in 1963 in Leipzig (Germany), currently living and working in the Netherlands. In 1982 she started studying at the Hochschule für Graphik & Buchkunst Leipzig in the Drawing Class. She successfully completed this study in 1985. From 1999 to 2002 she studied Media Designer at the CimData Academy in Berlin. Brita says about her work: “My art is about desire, the desire to show through a feminine style how women can see themselves if they choose”.

Oleg Turchin Surrealism painting thegallerist.art


Oleg Turchin is a Moldovan artist, born in 1964.His paintings ranges from realism, surrealism to hyperrealism. He studied at the Sciusev children's art school under the direction of V.B. Bulba. In 1981 he began his studies at the College of Fine Arts (I.E. Repin) with S. S. Babjuk and Proniaev. Later he studied fine arts at the Institute of Fine Arts under the direction of painting teachers I.I. Serbinov and V.I. Kazakov.Many of his artworks are in private collections in the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey (Bora Collection), Ukraine, Greece, Russia and the Republic of Moldova.

Catalin Ilinca Geisha painting


Beautiful oil paintings by a Spanish artist Catalin Ilinca. He is a very creative person, as he says ''If I didn't paint or draw, I would definitely write or compose music, or I would make my own movies. Most of my works are figurative, but I also have an abstract landscapes series. Generally speaking, what we call abstract painting could fall into various genres or categories, but my tryout in this field could be labeled as lyrical abstract. While my work in the figurative area could be simply associated to contemporary realism or contemporary figurative.

Heather Theurer Fantasy painting thegallerist.art


Heather’s paintings are the product of decades of observation of people, environments, animals and textiles. Although she was not able to obtain a formal education in art, all her studies of the natural world in addition to the works of great artists including the renaissance masters, the pre-raphaelites of the late 19th century and modern masters have influenced her work in a way she couldn’t imagine getting in a classroom.

Igor Shulman Romantic painting


Igor Andrianov (date of birth – 29th of February, 1959) is better known as Shulman, the trade mark name with which he signs his artwork. He has exhibited in over 30 art shows. Russia, Czech, Sweden, France, and Holland are but a few of the countries his art works have been featured in galleries and exhibitions. His art is fond in, galleries, homes and offices in over 50 countries including Great Britain, Spain, Germany, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Australia, Austria, England, China, Japan, Bahrain, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Czech.

Willem Haenraets Idyllic painting


With soft colors, the artist conjures up a romantic world of beautiful illusion on his canvasses. Willem Haenraets was born in Rotterdam on October 9, 1940 and his talent was discovered at an early age. Haenraets was just 16 when he started his trainng at the academy in Maastricht, which he followed with further education at the Antwerp art academy.