Mihai Adrian Raceanu | Surrealist painter

Mihai Adrian Raceanu

Raceanu Mihai Adrian was born in 1976, in a town called Constanta, Romania. With his words: In 1996 I moved with my parents in a smaller town called Navodari,also by the sea.At the age of twenty-four I have married my wife,Claudia and eight years later our daughter ,Erica Dalia was born.The name Dalia was given to her as a tribute to the great artist Salvador Dali.
I started painting at the age of 14,going from landscapes to religious icons,then paintings inspired by H.R.Geiger and finally but not last Salvador Dali.I am a self-taught painter and in time I made my own surreal style of painting. I have painted over 350 paintings,many of them being part of private collections in U.S.A,Canada,Austria,Italy,Gremany,France,Belgium,Macau-China and Romania.

I also painted for three churches :St.Constantin si Elena -Constanta, the church Marine Institute-Constanta and a serie of 13 icons for Catholic Church in Navodari. My paintings are inspired by everything that is around us :the name of a song or a movie,an image ,a dream.For many times,at night,before I fall asleep ,I close my eyes and the image of a painting starts to come to life.Next day,I put myself in front of the canvas and start painting what I saw.All of my paintings are made with oil paint on canvas.