Dang Can | Landscape painter

Dang Can

Dang Can was born in 1957 in Vinh Long, Vietnam, Asia. He showed an early talent in drawing and painting. He commenced to art works since 1976 with main job as a illustrator for local newspaper and magazine. Dang Can is a member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association. He has many paintings in Private Collection in many countries. For that, step by step, it has brought him to the public who like to take the delight in art. His style of painting is not only very soft, deep but also very attractive in the peacefulness of Mekong Delta. His paintings bring a full and semplice dream, to be imbrued with poetry, high-faluting but also reality. The main subject throughout his works are the landscapes in peaceful countryside of Mekong delta, the school girl in Aodai, the daily changing of local residents. It’s really simple but also very lovely.