Zhiwei Tu 涂志伟 | Painter

Zhiwei Tu 涂志伟

Zhiwei Tu, American painter: Using the illusion space of light, depicts the story of Chinese history. Tu Zhiwei’s works are appreciated and collected by collectors from the United States, France, Britain, Canada, Japan and other countries. In 1990, Zhiwei Tu, who had been studying hard for three years, graduated from Drake University with a master’s degree in fine arts. His main mentor wrote: “Tu Zhiwei is an outstanding artist… His skill is superior, his ability to control and grasp the art picture is rare among his peers today. He is integrating and developing modern art. “

After graduating from Drake University, Zhiwei Tu came to Chicago and began his career as a professional painter. Since 1991, he has created hundreds of works, held one or two exhibitions of individual oil paintings in the United States each year, and participated in international exhibitions in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Singapore, Taiwan, Vancouver, London and Paris.

In 1993, he joined the American Association of Oil Painters, the largest association in the American oil painting industry. In the association’s annual national oil painting exhibition, his works “Bride” and “Bird Morning Song” won gold medals in the competition. With his talent, diligence and dedication, Tu Zhiwei has created the glory of his artistic life and established his position in the American oil painting industry.

In 2013, Neil Patterson, president of the American Association of Oil Painters, awarded Zhiwei Tu a Lifetime Achievement Award.