Michel Ogier was born on the 19th December in St Etienne in France, 1960. He is a magician of colour and light, he questions because his imaginary world is creative. Lucid about existence, he questions because his reflection allows us to glimpse a truth that is as luminous as it is unbearable: the human condition!

Jacob Brostrup (f.1973) Lives and work in Odsherred, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain. Within the last 10 years, the work of Brostrups has placed itself in the field of semi-realistic painters in Denmark. His works are coloristic, vibrant and the many details grab the viewer and plunges him in the vivid paintings.

Francesco Capello was born in Chivasso (TO) on 11 February, 1944. After the maturità artistica ( Advanced Level or high school graduation, with specialization in Art), he became a pupil of Francesco Menzio and Enrico Paulucci at the Academy of Belles Arts in Turin, where he gained a diploma and was awarded the prize reserved for the best students.