Paintings by Anna Bocek

Anna Bocek Painting ''Everything that surrounds me inspires me, although one of the most important sources of inspiration and the strongest driving forces of artistic activities has undoubtedly been the theatre''. - Anna Bocek

Anna Bocek was born in 1973 in Gdansk Poland, She studied at the Nat. Academy of Fine Arts. In 1997 she won the price “Shakespearen Set Designer Project” at the Theatrum Gedanense Foundation in Gdansk.

”The women I depict in my paintings are strong, beautiful, wise, independent without the feeling of guilt, knowing their worth. Proud, free from restrictions and domestication. They hold up half of the sky while retaining all their femininity. Seemingly delicate and fragile, but in fact warriors full of inner strength. The symbolism of my paintings seems quite obvious: beauty and apparent subtlety complemented by strength and independence. I am a woman myself and it is easier for me to express emotions in this way, talk about experiences and about human nature from the female side”. – Anna Bocek