Paintings by Bruce Harman

Bruce Harman painting '' This is for my tribe. We are people who feel the call of inner mystery, and spiritual reality. We respond to the idea of meditation as practice. We embrace an open-minded view of the world, and love all humanity.'' - Bruce Harman

” When I graduated Philadelphia College of Art in 1980, I was floundering. I knew making pictures was my imperative, but the fine-art gallery scene was repellant to me.

Then I read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Yogananda. Reading about reincarnation and karma was like the sun emerging from behind thick clouds, life was transformed. I became a student of esoteric wisdom and started meditating, which led to seeing visions on the inner planes. After a couple of years resisting the call, I dedicated myself to painting those images.

The vivid impression I receive is of a completed painting, already real in the etheric realms. It’s a gift and an invitation to do my best to create it. Some of the images are a visitation from the angelic realms. Others come at random moments of stillness, born of simple beauty. Some are commissions, co-created from someone else’s inspiration.” – Bruce Harman