Jose Antonio Garrucho Roncero Painting

Paintings by Jose Antonio Garrucho Roncero

Janto Garrucho is a self-taught artist from Spain. He was taking painting classes from an early age, stubborn self-taught and studious of the great masters of classical and contemporary hyperrealism. ” I am an artist obsessed with detail and light, with emotions expressed through the human body and with color.

In most of my works the central axis is the human figure and nature, because as in a body, nature also inhabits the force of diversity and shows us the connection with other states of consciousness.

In my creation process there are moments when I have a very clear image of what I want to represent, they are images that come to my mind, and that is what I capture on the canvas. In others, however, I work from a feeling and begin to place shapes and colors and then observe and thus find the story I want to express.

Artistic creation is a mysterious force that grows chaotically beyond the limits of reason, that is why my works navigate moments for a second of reality and at times for the fantasy of the unreal where the characters come to life through my brush.” – Janto Garrucho

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