Paintings by Sarah Fecteau

Sarah Fecteau Painting, Gemälde, La pintura Sarah Fecteau was born in 1983 in Thetford Mines. Very young, she adores drawing and already has an eye for detail. She draws her inspiration from all living things.

Sarah Fecteau is a Quebec artist born in Thetford Mines on August 24th 1983. As a young girl, Sarah developed a passion for drawing and a dedication to detail that would characterize her work throughout her career. She became highly influenced by the American hyperrealism movement began experimenting with acrylics in that style.

Deciding at the age of 19 that she would become a professional full-time artist, her success began to rise in the region of Monteregie where Sarah became one of the favourites at art festivals and symposiums. Still as passionate as when she started out, she explores different mediums and develops new techniques that she painstakingly perfects. A hard worker, she does not count the hours dedicated to her art and thus continues to broaden her horizons. She expresses herself more freely with movement, texture and a vibrant color palette.