Katia Honour charts the co-creative relationships between ethereal and physical.Katia had always been a mystic, but could barely draw a stick figure! After a traumatic accident left Katia her with incurable disabilities, she travelled the world in search of an alternative. By chance, Western doctors prescribed rehabilitation by art therapy and Katia underwent psychedelic psychiatry on the side … and a visionary artist was born.

Aydemir was born in 1979 in a small city in a southern part of Russia. His father Seyfulla Saidov, was an award-winning artist, member of the prestigious Union of Russian Artists, and leader of the local art community. His father attempted to ignite interest in art in his children, and encouraged any creative activities they wanted to be engaged in. From the beginning Aydemir proved that he is the son of his famous father, and at age three, painted a green goat that is still in the family archives as one of the most important items, together with his father’s medals and accommodations.