Paintings by Giuliano Boscaini

Giuliano Boscaini Art ⓖ Giuliano Boscaini is an Italian painter, born in 1958, known for his watercolor landscapes, urban scenes, seascapes and portrait paintings.

Giuliano Boscaini was born in Turate, Italy, in 1958. Very soon he began working in the field of advertising graphics until 1986, when he decided to become an independent professional in this sector, acquiring leading companies in the national territory in his portfolio.

His passion, attitude and fantasy in drawing soon led him to approach art, showing a preference for landscape painting, portrayed with the oil technique. He continued as a self-taught student, studying and experimenting with different techniques. The encounter with watercolorist Emilia Aldo Taron played a decisive role in acquiring the secrets of this interesting technique, the result of which is often unpredictable, from which she received the most satisfaction and emotions. “Painting in watercolor for me is a moment of meditation in which the logical mind is annihilated, a state of non-thought, which allows me to extract energy and stillness from space.”