Elena Markova painting

Paintings by Elena Markova

Elena Markova was born in Russia, where she graduated from the academy of music, specializing in piano.
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Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak Painting

Paintings by Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak

Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak is a Polish contemporary artist who lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She studied Polish Philology at the Warsaw University, Fine Arts...
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Raffaele Fiore Painting

Paintings by Raffaele Fiore

Raffaele Fiore was born in Naples (Italy) on August 13, 1961. He began to paint at a very young age, following an inclination that...
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Jung hun-sung watercolor painting

Watercolor paintings by Jung hun-sung

Jung hun-sung was born in 1971 in Yeosu, Korea. Unfortunately, this is all the information I have about this artist.
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Kuan Yin-Goddess of Mercy

Featured Article

The Origin of Witches

Witches are today most traditional as well as mysterious entities we associate with Halloween. When you think of a Witch, it’s easy to conjure up an image of an old, ugly, hook-nosed woman, stirring up a steaming potion that is brewing away inside a cauldron. Have you ever wondered where this sordid image of a witch actually started? Did such vile beings really ever exist, or is this whole business of a hideous, green-faced, evil sorcerer just one fabricated myth? Carole Fontaine, an internationally recognized American biblical scholar, argues in an interview that the idea of the witch has been around as long as humanity has tried to deal with disease and avert disaster. In the earliest centuries of human civilization, witches were the women who served the goddesses and therefore were revered throughout their communities. In the Middle East, ancient civilizations not only worshiped powerful female deities, but it was often women who practiced the holiest of rituals. Trained in the sacred arts, these priestesses became known as wise women, and may have been some of the earliest manifestations of what we now recognize as the witchThese wise women made house calls, delivered babies, dealt with infertility, and cured impotence.

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Featured Artist: Ji Shuwen

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