Karin Zeller lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she has worked as an artist for the past 18 years. Born in Germany, in 1956, Karin was 11 years old when her family moved to Ontario, Canada, where they lived on a farm. She always loved drawing and art, ever since she was a little girl, and it was always assumed that she would become an artist one day.

Aja Trier is a contemporary artist from the USA who evokes memories of Vincent Van Gogh in her own style. ” Although I’ve been painting since my age was measured in months (my mom, a toll painter, would give me scraps of wood from her projects, a cup of water, and a brush for me to “paint” with….) I really became serious with it in ’99 during my last years of high school. Resigned to my profession I was accepted to Montserrat College of Art on scholarship and concentrated on painting.