Raffaele Fiore Painting

Paintings by Raffaele Fiore

Raffaele Fiore was born in Naples (Italy) on August 13, 1961. He began to paint at a very young age, following an inclination that emerged among the school desks and soon turned into a passion.

The effective entry into the world of art and painting was in Turin in the early 1980s. His desire to represent reality by updating the teaching of the great masters of the past leads him to enhance the expressive potential of a naturally versatile and refined pictorial manual skill through a careful and constant study of color, techniques, composition and light. An uninterrupted experimental tension also brings him closer to the practice of sketches and portraits; apparently simple worlds, but in reality an exercise of extreme technical difficulty and expressive challenge for any painter who intends to define himself as such.

In 1993 he moved to Tuscany, where he still lives and works. He refines and enriches his professional experience by collaborating for a few years in the reproduction of the Italian and European classics of the nineteenth century with some of the most renowned artisan workshops of the artistic heart of old Florence, but a now acquired expressive maturity brings him back to his personal “realistic research” undertaken in the early years. His painting has enjoyed considerable acclaim since the beginning and his works are found in numerous private collections. Sold both in Italy and abroad.

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