Lujan Gallardo painting

Paintings by Lujan Gallardo

Lujan Gallardo is a contemporary artist from Argentina. She graduated as a music teacher with a specialization in piano. As for her development, she is permanently linked to the world of art, making painting her choice of life.

She had the tutelage of Master Vito Campanella, who guided her in the improvement of her work. She has exhibited her artwork in various galleries, among them; in the Art Hall and in the Colon Room of Casa Rosada, in the Municipal Museum of Pasaje Dardo Rocha de La Plata, in the Consulate of the United States of America, in the houses of the Province of Buenos.

She currently integrantes permanent exhibitions in the following galleries: Marier, Los Coleccionistas, Escarlata, Espacio Arroyo and Norte Arte Argentino, in Argentine.

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