Paintings by Murielle Vanhove

Murielle Vanhove Painting, Gemälde, La pintura Growing up, Murielle Vanhove observed the comings and goings of people in her parents’ Parisian bar.

Murielle Vanhove, French artist began to show her gift for art and observation early where she observed the comings and goings of people in her parents Parisien Bar.

During the rush hours unknown people jostling and passing each other, a frenetic rhythm that fascinated this little girl hidden behind her sketch book.

She graduated in 1987, having received a full education in painting, drawing and photography at the ESAG Penningham, with a masters in Artistic Direction which initially led her to work in a publicity agency. Nevertheless, the desire to reconnect with the ‘motion’ and the subject was soon felt. After ten years of graphic design she decided to abandon the screen in favor of the paintbrush. Her portraits and scenes of daily life are now collected in Paris, New York, London, Brussels, Basel and even Hong Kong.

Her paintings reveal in bright colours, mixtures of people who appear and disappear under her light and vivid touch. Murielle catches a moment, a slight movement of time. Meetings, unknown people, people in a hurry and others who stroll about. People enter the frames as entering onto a stage but are completely anonymous. The lack of faces can either be a surprise or an attraction. The attitudes speak for themselves.