Paintings by Walter Girotto

Walter Girotto Painting Walter Girotto who, with his powerful symbolic figuration is skipping all the dictates of the avant-garde, traces the paths of neo-classicism revisiting it with shrewd contemporaneity.

Walter Girotto is an Italian artist born in 1953, currently living and working in Rovigo (Italy). Walter Girotto’s works are pure flights of fantasy! Melding a modern sensibility with a Renaissance style of painting, he achieves a remarkable effect that is uniquely his own.

Timeless yet torrid, the paintings in this oversized volume will leave you wanting even more, as Girotto’s old world charm and 21st-century sensuality creates legions of new admirers.

“I don’t know what leads us to become an artist or a diplomat, a soldier or a scientist, but I know nature gives us all an equal chance at the beginning. I’m convinced wealth and poverty present no hurdle as long as we always possess our own soul wherever we are; and wherever we are, we can find a way to express the creativity when urgently yearns to emerge. It’s a question of inner attitude which goes beyond the weaknesses of vanity or the perversions of pride.

I’ve seen gifted artists living in abject poverty and in extreme luxury and I therefore feel I’m right in assuming that our fate lies simply in nature; it follows hidden paths, whether they be hostile or rewarding, which we cannot know beforehand. I had an inkling of this in the shade of my childhood willow. I received timorous confirmation in the loneliness forced on me by my introverted youth. It was not long before certainty arrived”.  – Walter Girotto