Paintings By Ron Di Scenza

Born in 1954 in Ohio, Ron DiScenza spent many idyllic summers in Italy surrounded by his family and a vibrant natural landscape. It was during one of these visits that DiScenza decided to become an artist. While in Rome, his mother took him to see the Sistine Ceiling by Michelangelo, and he was convinced in that very moment he would become a painter.

Back home in America, his family moved from Ohio to Long Island in 1970, and soon DiScenza became exposed to the art scene of New York City. His formal training includes the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, where he was awarded a scholarship and earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. After graduating, DiScenza became the school’s youngest instructor at the age of twenty, while he simultaneously embarked on a career in illustration. Then in 1978, a poster commissioned by Italian film director Ermanno Olmi gave DiScenza his big break. DiScenza did the poster art for Olmi’s film, “Tree of the Wooden Clogs,” and the film subsequently won the grand-prize at the Cannes Film Festival.